Mymorri not working

How to fix when Mymorri not Working

Mymorri not working: One of the most annoying problems with Mymorri occurs when you visit the website, and it doesn’t work as expected, or you see this message in your browser; Sorry, Mymorri can’t be reached right now. Please check your connection and try again later. You can try these things to avoid troubleshooting.

1: Enter your information correctly

If you’re trying to log in and your password isn’t accepted, you may have put in the wrong email address or password. Double-check that the email address is correct and that the password contains a minimum of one uppercase letter, lowercase letter, number, and unique character. 

2: Clear cache or cookie

If mymorri is not working, please clear your cache or cookie. To remove your cache or cookies, please follow the instructions below. 

Go to Menu > Settings > Privacy > Clear Browsing Data 

Select Clear browsing data 

Choose what data you want to delete: Cache, Cookies, and Site Data (recommended) 

Tap Clear Browsing Data

3: Turn VPN if you are using any

If mymorri is not working and you are using VPN, try turning VPN off. For example, you can log out of the app, or if you are using a laptop on memory, unplug your network cable and turn off any networks in your settings that are not required for using mymorri (i.e. Bluetooth).

4: Set up your account manually

Mymorri not working

If your mymorri is not loading, or you’re getting error messages, you can try a few things. To set up your account manually, go to the signup page and log in with your email and password. After logging in, click on I forgot my password in the upper right-hand corner of the screen and enter your email address.

5: Resetting cookies

The thing you should try is resetting your cookies. This will clear out any temporary internet files causing the problem. This is also a good idea to close all tabs, restart your browser, and log back in. A few people said they are having trouble with their cookies or other software on their computer interfering with mymorri. 

If this is the case, we recommend looking for and uninstalling these programs from your computer. If no problems were found with those steps, we recommend reinstalling or upgrading to the latest version of mymorri by clicking on the red upgrade button at the top of this page.

6: Restarting or uninstalling your browser

If mymorri is not working, try restarting or uninstalling your browser. If that doesn’t work, you should reinstall mymorri. First, open up Chrome and head to Settings by clicking the three vertical dots in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. 

Click Settings and then click on Extensions. Look for a list of all installed extensions with a checkmark next to them, and look for mymorri. Please make sure the box next to mymorri has a checkmark, and then click the trash can icon to uninstall it from your browser.


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